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SIS stands for silvered ivory stringer. It is often added to create organic looking effects on the surface of a lampwork bead design.

How to make silvered ivory stringer

  1. Cut some silver leaf the length of the square by about 1" place on your non flamable work surface/marver
  2. Take one commercially pulled ivory stringer
  3. If your posh dip your finger in water, if your like me a good bit of slobber works fine, wet the first 4" (or how ever long your piece of silver leaf is) of the stringer.
  4. Roll your stringer over the silver so it wraps around your stringer, the wet will make it cling like a magnet.
  5. Flash through the flame quickly and gently to burnish the silver to the stringer.
  6. Apply to your bead by laying it on and let it melt in....voila!

Tutorial by Lorna Prime of Pixie Willow Designs

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