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Welcome to the Frit Happens! wiki... Otherwise known as Fritipedia. We hope you find it useful informative and fun.

Frit Happens!

...Does it? We hope not, and with the help of Fritipedia you will hopefully be better informed

In case you are confused as to where to start, here are a few links to get you going. Once you have found a page you can navigate around by following the links to other articles that are within the article that you are reading.

For More information on using and editing Fritipedia please see the help section

Get Writing

If you want to know what pages need writing, then having a look at the pages that need writing is a good idea.


If you want to have a go but are too scared you might muck something up then there is a Sandpit to play in where you can muck around without worrying about changing a valid page. It's important to realise that it is not possible to destroy a page completely (or even a little bit for that matter), well OK you can... but only temporarily, because we can always go to back to any older version of a page. So don't worry, edit away!

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