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Glass that has been ground to to various size "bits" that can be applied to beads to achieve different effects.


Frit sizes differ by manufacturer but the following list gives an idea of the range of sizes that may be available:

Reichenbach Frit Sizes

Frit Name Size
Powder 0.2mm
Frit 00 0.2mm to 0.5mm
Frit 0 0.5mm to 1mmm
Frit 1 1mm to 2.4mm
Frit 2 2.4mm to 3.8mm
Frit 3 3.8mm to 5mm
Frit 4 5mm to 8mm
Frit 5 8mm to 11.5mm


Frit is applied to a warm bead by pressing the bead into the frit. Common methods include using a teaspoon to hold the frit, or rolling the bead on a flat surface, such as a marver, that has been covered in frit.

Generally less is more when is comes to applying frit for two reasons

  1. The frit glass quite often has a different CoE than the base bead and applying more than 5%-10% will result in cracking when being annealed
  2. The frit colours are generally quite vibrant and saturated colurs, and having a smaller amount gives a better effect
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