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Author Topic: AOTM October 2011 - Samantha Capeling  (Read 6342 times)
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« on: October 01, 2011, 02:11:39 AM »

Samantha Capeling

How did you get started in glass bead making?

4 years ago I was trawling the net looking for imported beads for my brother and stumbled upon FHF. I followed a link to Tuffnell Glass and got a starter kit. My life was totally revolving around the kids at the time and I thought something that was totally for me was much needed. I had no idea how addictive it would be.

Where and when did you light the torch for the first time?

About 2 weeks after getting the starter kit I plucked up the courage to light it for the first time. It was on a well protected dining table with the windows open a bucket of water and fire extinguisher to hand. My daughter said I didnít breath at all whilst making my first bead. I had done kiln cast glass and a bit of glass blowing at college many years ago but bead making felt totally different.

My very first beads.

Have you had any lessons? Where do you get your knowledge from?

I didnít take any lessons for the first couple of years, mainly due to the cost. I also didnít buy tutorials as they just donít suit my learning style. Mainly I just played and had fun. FHF was a valuable resource when I was struggling to get the best out of a glass or just needed inspiration. I was interested in making goddesses and other sculptural beads quite early on and when I had started to develop a style I considered my own I took lessons to advance my skills further with Julie Ann Denton and Teresa Laliberte.
Cast glass made on Julie Ann Denton course and a bead made after Teresa Laliberte course.

Are there any bead makers or jewellery designers you admire? What for?

Julie Ann Denton not just for her beads but also her sculptural pieces and the way she combines lamp work with cast glass. The lovely Manda (Mango Beads), for her use of colour and the precision of her work.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Thatís hard to pin down. I have a tendency to notice the little things in life rather than the bigger picture and Iím something of a magpie so Iím constantly surrounded with little bits of inspiration.

Have you got a 'signature' style? How would you describe it?

I suppose my signature bead would be one of my tattooed ladies, as for a style I would say they have curvy but balanced figures.

What skill or technique would you like to learn - where would you like to take your art next?

My aim is to combine lamp work with fused glass but I see this as a long term ambition. Both my off mandrel and kiln work skills need to develop much further before I can make the things that flutter around my mind. Iím in no rush and am happy to take things at my own pace and keep the enjoyment that working with glass gives me.

Which bead or piece are you most proud of - can you tell us the story behind it?

This tattooed lady bead is the result of developing a style of goddess bead I am happy with and experimenting with applying PMC silver before re annealing. Itís the sort of bead that makes it hard to make another; you just know it wonít be as good.

Which of your personality traits comes through in your work, do you think?

I guess I express different personality traits in the different areas of my glass work. My bead making tends to be more serious and subdued and my use of colour is not very adventurous. My fused work is a lot brighter and more fun. But I think both show my tendency to become absorbed in what Iím doing and my need for control, I rarely make anything quick although I wish I could.

What are you currently working on?

Recently I have been concentrating on making fused glass pieces to stock my etsy shop but Iím also working on some pate de verre work although I am not happy enough with the results to show this just yet.

Where can we see more of your work?
I have just opened an etsy shop or I have a gallery on my website at

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