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Author Topic: Membership has advantages.....  (Read 7045 times)
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« on: June 18, 2009, 06:11:55 AM »

Membership of GBUK is open to anyone who has an interest in glass beads. You can find out more detail from here:

Membership is 15 a year. Although GBUK has been going for ten years recently things have been quiet and so when the new committee was elected at the start of the year it was decided to revamp our activities a little.

Our primary directives:
    * The sharing and dissemination of information of making glass beads through networking
    * The furtherance of educational opportunities in the field of glass bead making.

In the past GBUK was well known for heavily subsidising teaching opportunities from artists such as Loren Stump and we would often have regional meet ups which were popular.

We also bought out a Journal each year which was a nice glossy publication which featured our members. Last year no Journal was published so to compensate existing members were given the next years membership for free.

However, we do want to provide "value for money" for GBUK members - and even though 10 is a low cost for a society membership we do want our members to benefit. To this end these are the activities/advantages which I wish to offer our members:

News of Fairs/Exhibitions that aren't necessarily open to others  - some of our members recently benefitted in the opportunity for free selling tables at the Dulwich Art Glass Fair -

Subsided learning opportunities from well known glass artists

Annual Journal and regular newsletters

Annual AGM in which I hope to establish a small bead fair in which GBUK members can sell their work. I am hoping to make this totally free to our members, which would give people who have never sold their work an opportunity to sell in a low risk and supportive environment.  This years AGM is scheduled for September 19th at Highgate House Hotel, Northampton - but more news of that to follow in another thread once all details are finalised.

GBUK has also run a credit card scheme in the past so that GBUK members could take credit card payment when out and about at trade shows. We have currently suspended this system because of administrative issues, but would like to reinstate it in some form in the future. It's worth the 10 alone just for this service!

We also try to have a GBUK table at shows and events. We used to allow members to send their beads in to sell - (stand volunteers permitting!) but more often the table is there for information.

We also want to slowly build up knowledge on the website where people submit articles from their own experience. Subjects such as insurance issues, safety issues and so on - in general, things to interest the sort of people who often frequent Frit Happens.

We used to have a GBUK online forum but since many of us use FH it was decided to "move in" here rather than duplicate the same sort of thing elsewhere. I am very passionate in uniting the whole beadmaking community in the UK. If we are united we will be seen to be professional and serious.

There are other things I would like GBUK to develop into. My main problem is TIME. No one on the committee is paid to run GBUK, it is wholly voluntary. So, of course things can only get done as and when. We all have busy lives - and organising these sort of things really takes up a lot of time and effort. We are constantly looking for volunteers to help out.

The current committee comprises Sally Carver (Chair), Barbara Mason (Membership Secretary), Sue Wigmore (Treasurer), Richard Downton (Web and IT) and David Palmer (Newletter and Journal).

We are currently looking for someone to step into the role of Secretary. This latter is quite a role - if you fancy it have a serious think, you'll certainly need time and commitment to do the job justice! We are looking to nominate and vote on the Secretary position in time for our AGM in September so if you're interested have a think!

I think that's it - I've probably missed things out. The point is GBUK is only what the members want it to be, so if you're serious about glass beads and want to be part of a professional body whose aim is to represent YOU and your trade I would encourage you to become members and MORE so - get involved!


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