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Author Topic: AOTM March 2009 - Maria Louisa Wessels  (Read 4794 times)
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I'm working on a dream...

« on: February 28, 2009, 06:47:40 AM »


I've been fascinated with glass my entire life and I have been buying glass objects as long as I can remember. There is nothing more beautiful that the sunlight falling through coloured glass.  In my house I have a little showcase of all Iíve collected throughout the years and itís right beside a glass window so the sun can play with the colours in there.

I never thought it would be possible to sculpt hot glass by myself untilÖÖÖÖÖ
the first time I came across beadmaking. This was in the summer of 2006.
I was really crazy about ĎTrollbeadsí and started to collect silver and glassbeads to wear on a silver bracelet. Iím like a raven, really crazy about jewelry.
These beads made me go on a search on the internet. And then I found out that people actually made these glassbeads by themselves. Glass wasnít an impossible dream anymore, it became something which could be mine too.

I made my first bead during a beginners' workshop. It was love at first sight.
But because of the costs of this hobby, it took me another 3 months before I bought a torch, glass and some basic tools and started beadmaking. This was in September 2006.

Since then I love taking classes. Itís so much fun to meet the lampworkers I admire and to be able to learn from them.
In 2007 Iíve taken a 2 days class from Julie Ann Denton, The Human Form and Iíve done Sarah Hornikís Silver Secrets.
In 2008 I did Dora Schubertís Stringer and Dot Applications and 2 classes with Michaela Maria MŲller, Flower Power I and Under Water I.
Furthermore Carla di Francescoís World of Color, Jens Muellerís Making Glass Rings and Pati Waltonís All about the Garden.
Also there was a wonderfull weekend in Hamburg with Teresa Laliberte.
And Iíve closed the year with 3 days of Sherry Bellamy: Implosions and Pods: Taking the Plunge!,  Shipwrecks and Other Watery Subjects! and The Manipulation of Meshes and Metals!

This year I promised myself to do only one class. Last year was completely over the top and as a result of that, I have enough ideas in my head for the coming year(s) to practise.
My choice for 2009 was Frans Meeuwsenís Creative Training in Working with Borosilicate glass (itís  a class of 4 hours a month during the whole year).
However, I already broke my own promise but Iím completely happy about it. Iím going to do Julie Ann Dentonís Human Form again, this time not only in soft glass, but in borosilicate glass too.

Iím admiring lots and lots of beadmakers, there are so many talented people out there. But my main interest remains sculpting glass, rather than making beads.
I really love the work of Milon Townsend.

I get my inspiration from colours and from nature.
Because Iíve been drawing and painting all my life I see glass like a oil palette.
It makes me want to use the glass like paint. Itís because of this I think that my favourite beadstyle is to do organics, especially organics in combination with silver glasses. I think you can call those my signature beads.

Also I really love the sculpting part, but then again this also reminds me, about me painting with a palette knife, thick paint, oil on canvas.
Making hollow fish, the bigger the better, always makes me happy. They all end up with their own characteristics.

The skill or technique I want to learn the most is the Ďnot so simpleí stringers and dots control. It takes lots and lots of practise and patience (which I do not have a lot of).
The other thing Iíd love to do is using bright colours.

I have no specific bead Iím most proud of, itís very often the last one I made.

In my beads my real personality comes out. Everything else is Ďnot really, not completely meí. Glass for me is like coming home finally after all those years (why didnít I find out about this 15 years earlier). Itís like a state of Zen to me.

At the moment Iím practising perfect round balls of borosilicate glass, an exercise preliminary to working with hollow tubes.

You can see my work at my website
in my etsy shop
and at

I havenít got any beadfairs planned yet but I would love to do a meet and greet somewhere this year in the UK to see all of you.

Love and greetings,
Maria Louisa
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