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Reichenbach produce a limited range of colours in CoE 104. The opaque colours tend towards high colour saturation and so a little goes a long way. Dots made with the opaque Reichenbach 104 glasses on a base bead of a very soft opaque colour (for example Effetre White) have a "bleed" effect rather than a crisp edge when melted down. Reichenbach also produce a range of CoE92 glass rods and frits, many of which are either reactive or reducing colours.


Reichenbach colours and stock numbers


Stock Number Colour Properties Reactions
L1011 Crystal clear
L1012 Crystal soft soft clear
L2011 Violet reddish
L2012 Gold violet more violet than rubino
L2013 Gold ruby light
L2015 Pink lady
L4015 Antique aka antique clear, is greenish
L5010 Silver brown silver reduction glass
L6015 Garnet red
L6027 Rosalin
L7003 Amber
L9202 Black
L5011 Dark silver brown silver reduction glass
L9203 Deep black may reduce metallic
L1012B Ocean blue with sparkles
L1012G Antique green aka antique sparkle (is not green!)


Stock Number Colour Properties Reactions
L1200 White
L2201 Soft violet
L2207 Iris violet Reduces to metallic
L3018 Middle blue
L3206 Iris dense blue Reduces to metallic
L4010 Iris green Reduces to metallic
L4016 Beryl green
L4205 Middle green
L4207 Light green
L5210 Opal yellow
L6116 Lipstick
L6208 Iris orange aka raku strikes to multicolour (also reduces to metallic)
L6210 Magic strikes to multicolour
L6212 Dark red
L6213 Strawberry
L6214 Opal orange
L6215 Light red
L6219 Opal raspberry
L7205 Caramel reduces to metallic
L7206 Scarlet brown
L6209 Multicolour strikes multicolour green-blue
L6218 Flamingo reduces to metallic
L7202 Porcelain
L6221 Lilac
L6202 Multicolour dark strikes multicolour green-blue-purple-red

Mystics and Pearls

These have a shampoo-like sheen, can be semi-translucent and variegated colour.

Stock Number Colour Properties Reactions
L201 Mystic violet
L301 Mystic blue
L401 Mystic green
L501 Mystic yellow
L502 Mystic orange
L601 Mystic pink
L605 Mystic red
L701 Mystic beige
L801 Mystic grey
L803 Mystic grey blue
L201S Pearl violet
L601S Pearl pink
L701S Pearl beige
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