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Need to add what are Murrini section

Rough Guide to using Murrini

Below is a guide from Jolene Wolfe of kitzbitz art glass

Spot heat on the bead where you want the murrini to go and have the murrini at the ready held in some tweezers. Make sure you leave a bit of murrini sticking out from the ends of the tweezers otherwise your tweezers may get stuck on the base bead when you attach.

When your base bead is glowing, quickly waft the murrini in the top of the flame to warm slightly. Bring both the murrini and bead out of the flame and attach.

Hold the bead in the top of the flame whilst you heat some clear glass. Dab a small amount of clear on top of the murrini to keep the pattern from closing up when it is heated.

Slowly melt the murrini down in to the base bead. You may want to help the process along by flattening the murrini gently with a marver when it is soft. If you press down at an angle the pattern on your murrini will become distorted. Another method is to melt the entire murrini in to the base bead without pressing it at all which will make the pattern spread out further on the surface of the bead. Be careful not to let the base bead get too hot as it will begin to flow and distort your murrini.

This takes a bit of practice but the results can be stunning

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