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Gaffer Coloured Glass Ltd. was incorporated in 1993 in Auckland, New Zealand. They make COE 96 glass. For lampworking they supply solid cane, veiled cane and frit. This is furnace glass, so the colours are very saturated. Gaffer Glass USA also have their own range of frit blends.


Gaffer colours and stock numbers


Stock Number Colour Properties Reactions
002 Light cobalt blue
003 Light aquamarine
004 Light jade green
005 Clear
006 Light emerald green
010 Gold ruby extra Use a reducing flame to bring out a beautiful gold sheen.
011 Gold amethyst
012 Brilliant gold
013 Apricot
014 Gold ruby
015 Hyacinth
020 Cobalt blue extra
022 Aquamarine blue
023 Copper blue
024 Steel blue
026 Cerulean blue
030 Jade green
032 Emerald green
033 Teal green
034 Fluoro green
035 Forest green
036 Lime green
038 Uranium green
040 Purple
049 Stiff black
050 Black
051 Aubergine
052 Tea
055 Grey
060 Silver blue lustre reducing
061 Gold lustre reducing
062 Black lustre reducing
063 Iris yellow lustre reducing
065 Purple lustre reducing
067 Green lustre reducing
068 Clear lustre reducing. On heating, the clear turns a very pale yellow.
070 Saffron
071 Orange
072 Scarlet
073 Citron
074 Cherry red
075 Copper ruby striking
076 Yellow
077 Daffodil
090 Lime aventurine


Stock Number Colour Properties Reactions
100 Enamel white
101 Opal white
102 Ivory
103 Latte
104 Lt tobacco
105 Duck egg white
106 Cream
107 Weimaraner brown
108 Pigeon grey
109 Chalcedony striking, work like raku
1095 Blue chalcedony striking, work like raku
110 Gold pink extra
111 Salmon
113 Heliotrope
114 Purpur Not prone to devit can react to get darker halo in centre
115 Violet bluer than purpur
116 Lavender paler than purpur
120 Lapis blue extra
121 Pale blue a light china-blue
122 Turquoise
123 Steel blue
124 Robin's egg blue
125 Denim blue
126 Stratus blue
127 Pale blue turquoise
128 Azure
130 Jade green
131 Olive green
132 Granny smith green
133 Lime green
134 Forest green
135 Celadon
136 Chartreuse
137 Lt apple green
138 Chameleon can be either a light blue or green depending on heat treatment. Strong heating gives a blue, while gentle heating brings out a light green. One colour could fade into another in the same piece.
139 British racing green a very bright deep green
171 Russet
172 Mushroom Strong heating gives a pale Weimaraner brown while gentle heating gives a colour like the underside of a mushroom.
173 Chocolate a dark, rich chocolate opal brown
174 Mustard
175 Cinnamon
176 Vermillion an incredibly vibrant opal red, which we liken to the intensity of the saturated colours of lipstick.
177 Burnt sienna
178 Crimson a darker version of Vermillion
182 Orange
183 Taxi cab yellow
184 Canary yellow
185 Corn yellow
186 Tangerine
187 Lemon yellow
188 Pale primrose
189 French vanilla

Veiled cane

Veiled cane comes as a colour over white with a clear centre, or as "duo veiled cane" - colour over colour with a clear centre. The lighter combinations can wash out if worked too hot. The darker ones make particularly effective hollows.

Stock Number Colour Properties Reactions
V-000050 Encased black cane
V-000090 Encased lime aventurine
V-000100 Encased white cane
V-000108 Encased pigeon grey
V-000109 Encased chalcedony
V-000112 Encased pale rose cane
V-000176 Encased super red cane
V-010045 Gold ruby/indigo cane
V-010112 Gold ruby/pale rose
V-010113 Gold ruby/heliotrope cane
V-011100 Gold amethyst/white cane
V-012100 Brilliant gold/white cane
V-012174 Brilliant gold/mustard
V-013100 Apricot/white cane
V-013111 Apricot/salmon cane
V-013189 Apricot/French vanilla
V-014112 Gold ruby/pale rose
V-014114 Gold ruby/purpur
V-016100 Wine red/enamel white
V-022100 Aquamarine/white cane
V-022123 Aquamarine/steel blue
V-022135 Aquamarine/celadon cane
V-023021 Copper blue/midnight blue
V-023100 Copper blue/white cane
V-023115 Copper blue/violet cane
V-026100 Cerulean blue/white cane
V-030100 Jade green/white cane
V-031100 Olive green/white cane
V-032100 Emerald green/enamel white
V-034022 Fluoro green/aquamarine cane
V-034100 Fluoro green/white cane
V-034130 Fluoro green/jade green
V-036112 Lime green/pale rose
V-037115 Sargasso/violet cane
V-037116 Sargasso/lavender cane
V-040189 Purple/French vanilla
V-045100 Indigo/white cane
V-055108 Grey/pigeon grey cane
V-061100 Gold lustre/white cane
V-061104 Gold lustre/lt tobacco cane
V-061174 Gold lustre/mustard
V-065189 Purple lustre/French vanilla
V-072180 Scarlet/Ferrari red
V-074178 Cherry red/crimson
V-074179 Cherry red/diablo red cane
V-076036 Yellow/lime green
V-076077 Yellow/daffodil
V-077100 Daffodil/white cane
V-100050 Enamel white/black
V-115023 Violet/copper blue cane
V-127130 Pale turquoise/jade green
V-135130 Celadon/jade green cane
V-174179 Mustard/French vanilla
V-178036 Crimson/lime green cane
V-178112 Crimson/pale rose
V-178133 Crimson/lime green cane
V-178174 Crimson/mustard

Limited edition cane

Stock Number Colour Properties Reactions
Amazon green
Banana cream pie
Bitter green
Dress to Empress red
Emerald City green
Lipstick red
Liquid rain clear blue
Macaroni & cheese
Rustic dusty rose
Special steel grey lustre
Spring green
Sunset for Two orange-red
Tease Me Not! red

Frit blends

Colour Description Reactions
Lavender A rich blend of transparent and opaque purples and greens.
Thunder Storm A stormish mix of transparent and opaque purples and grays.
Strawberry Short Cake Summer sweetest dessert reveals this fun mix of warm summer opaques.
Pansy A gorgeous combination of vibrant opaques, this frit mix really POPS!
The Victorian A lovely blend of classic opaques.
Purple Passion A variety of pinks and purples. This blend is mostly opaque but there are some transparent.
Orchard in Bloom A soft blend of opaques with a real elegant touch.
Blush Luscious pink blend of opaque’s and transparent. This is a really feminine and bright combination.
Turquoise Ocean A blend of Turquoise and green opaque shades.
Sea Side A variety of transparent and opaque blues are in this frit mix.
Tart Green Apple A yummy mix of transparent and opaque greens.
Just Peachy A fruity mix of transparent and opaque peach tones.
Berries and Cream A blend of transparent and opaque purples and pinks with a splash of black and white.
Elements A mix of transparent and opaque natural earth tones.
Spring Fling A fun splash of mostly opaque bright colors.
First Bloom A soft mix of transparent and opaque pinks and purples with a hint of cream.

Further information

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