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Author Topic: AOTM December 2008 - Keiara  (Read 4400 times)
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I'm working on a dream...

« on: December 01, 2008, 02:47:58 AM »


I started out as a jewellery designer so I was familiar with lampwork beads only through using them in my jewellery.  As I learned more about how they were made and became more of a 'bead snob', I started only using SRA lampwork beads.  Of course soon after I found myself buying more and more beads as I was simply addicted!  For our wedding anniversary my husband, Steve, took me to a bead fair in Towcester and I met Martin Tuffnell.  He gave a wonderful demonstration on making an encased floral and my husband insisted I give it a try.  I really didn't want to try it as I was so sure I wouldn't be able to make pretty beads.  He insisted and so we bought a beginner's kit with a Hot Head torch.  About one month later I'd ordered my oxy con and Nortel Minor Smiley

I made my very first bead in February 2008 at my home in Folkestone, Kent.  It was HORRIBLE!  My Hot Head was originally set up in our computer room.  Once I realised that beadmaking was my passion, my husband converted one of our upstairs bedrooms into my glass studio.

I have taken one class with Sarah Hornik at Diana East's studio.  Other than that I am completely self-taught.  I get a bit nervous when I'm around 'serious' beadmakers..!

I admire all beadmakers who believe in their art and make a living doing something they love.  I do have a special place in my heart for sculptural bead artists as sculptural beads are even more difficult to create and so enchanting.

I get my inspiration from things that I find visually appealing.  I love cutesy, cartoon-like faces and images and it shows in my work.  My mother is a kindergarten teacher (5 year olds) and has always made loads of adorable little things for family and her students so I often think back to my childhood for ideas.  I also love nature, food and critters and try to create beads that reflect this.

I am known most for my cupcake beads and smiley-faced lentil beads.  I do lots of holiday-themed beads and people tell me they look forward to the next holiday to see what I'll come up with!  It's been a lot of fun since this is my very first year so all of my beads are being made for the first time.  I'm already planning Valentine's Day beads!

I would like to learn how to make better complex cane!  I would also like to make smaller encased florals; mine tend to be quite big.  Ooh and better stringer control, especially super fine stringer.  I'm a sucker for really intricate work but my hands don't always want to cooperate with me!

I tend to be most proud of whatever I'm currently working on.  In October I was most proud of my Halloween Monsters and this month I'm most proud of my Christmas trees and Christmas Character Lentils.  I'm easy that way! 

My goofy side!  I literally sit at my torch and laugh myself silly while I'm making my funny face beads.  Lately the laughing is interspersed with humming Christmas carols.  Haha.  It's definitely my inner child who comes out to play when I sit at the torch.

I'm currently working on Christmas beads.  I'm a bit obsessed with Christmas trees and snowpeople; I can't help it, they're so cute!  Christmas images and colours translate so well into beads and I'm having a great time thinking of new ways to show my Christmas spirit!

My work can be found at my website: and on and my picture gallery can be found on Flickr:

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