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Author Topic: RAOK - Random Act of (Glassy) Kindness  (Read 13464 times)
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« on: August 03, 2011, 06:36:09 AM »

RAOK is a voluntary part of the Frit Happens Community to allow our members to offer Random Acts of Kindness to each other.

Details are stored in a private spread sheet that is currently held by mizgeorge. Address information will only be available to RAOK participants upon request by PM. RAOK is intended as way for one member to show another person a small act of kindness or generosity and is not a platform for larger scale projects.

In order to protect this sensitive data, the moderator team have come up with a few provisions:

  • RAOK details will only be given out to members of the forum who are also registered with RAOK
  • please request details for a ROAK Participant by PM only, to mizgeorge
  • to register for the RAOK list you must have been a member of the Frithappens community for a minimum of three months
  • to register your details for RAOK you must be an active forum member in terms of actively participating in Swaps, Pass it Forward, Monthly Challenge or the galleries and have made a minimum of 50 posts (posts in the for sale section do not count towards this total)
  • please do not post you personal details in this RAOK thread. To register for RAOK please send a PM to mizgeorge or any other moderator directly with your name and address details
  • please remember that when you register your details, your address may be passed onto other RAOK members on request
  • members who leave the forum or who are inactive for an extended period of time may be removed from the list

Your details will not be published anywhere online or otherwise, will treated with the utmost sensitivity and will not be made available to third parties who are not part of the Frit Happens RAOK program. You can choose to have your details removed from the RAOK database at any time. If you cease to be a forum member, or no longer fulfil the criteria listed above your affiliation with RAOK will also end and your details will be removed from the RAOK database and your privacy respected.

If you would, at any time, like to come off the list, please contact George or any other moderator to remove your details.

Lastly - it would be hugely helpful if you could remember to let us know if you move house.
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« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2011, 06:37:43 AM »

Current participants list (September 2014)

Amareargentum - Amanda Harris
Amber - Amber Boorman
anditsinthefish - Sarah-Jane Walsh
Ant - Anthea Garley
binty13 - Lisa Kane
Black Heart Beads - Samantha Capeling
Blue Box Studio - Sue Harris
Bluefairy - Helon Clemons
Brunties Beads - Ingrid Brunt
Bumpy Beads - Heather Webb
Carol - Carol Laing
Catriona - Catriona Walker
Cecelia - Cecilia lawrence
Chameleon - Becky Fairclough
ChipperPottery - Rita Bennett
Dangerousbead - Jane Crosby
Dee Dee - Stephanie Gough
Diane - Diane Turton
Dinah46 - Diane Cook
Emjee - Marion Jochem
Failariel - Colette Ladley
Fionaess - Fiona Sands
Flowerjasper - Sandy Kelly
Flyingcheesetoastie - Rachel M Elliott
Françoise - Françoise Allen
Garishglobes - Emma Mackintosh
GaysieMay - Gay Massender
GlassOcean - Kerensa Jones
Hazer - Hazel Ward
Helbels - Helen Wyatt
Hotglass28 - Denise Rigler
Ilona - Ilona Ruttle
Jammie - Jean Munro
Jay9 - Janine
JaySpangles - Janet Poole
jo.rhodes - Jo Rhodes
Jolene - Jolene Wolfe
Josephine - Josephine Wadman
June - June Scott
JulieHB - Julie Haveland Beer
Karen - Karen Hamilton
Kaz - Karen Baildon
Lampworklover - Tina Smith
Lesley Jane - Lesley Nixon
LilLizaJane - Beth
LittleMoo - Rozelle Faulkner
Liquidglass - Kevin Clark
Lush! - Julie Fountain
Maikki - Maija-Leena Autio
MangoBeads - Manda Muddimer
Maria Louisa - Maria Louisa Wessels
Mariag - Maria Graves
Margram - Margaret Knell
MarkLaird - Mark Laird
Mazmeabead - Ann-Marie Whitehead
Mizgeorge - George Harper East
Nemeton - Lynn Davy
Nicknack - Nicola Wakley
Ness - Vanessa Hearn
Pandanimal - Julia Hay
Pam - Pamela Purslow
Pat fron Canvey - Pat Piggott
Pauline - Pauline Sloan
Pegasus - Beverley Edge
Princess pink - Shahlaa Walsh
Rachel - Rachel Dawes
Rachel B - Rachel Bishop
Sarah - Sarah Bedwell
Shirley - Shirley Giles
Silvergems89 - Gemma Woodrow
Skyblue - Lorna Johnston
Sooz - Sue Simmons
Sparrow - Sabine Little
Terri - Theresa Hickmott
The Tartan Trout - Sarah Brown
Theflyingbeadstead - Charlotte Dakin-Norris
TheJanie - Janie Hamill
Trudi - Trudi Doherty
Winny - Gillian McLaren
Yellow friend - Shelia Knapp
Zeldazog - Dawn Turner
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Or should that be missus?

« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2014, 02:46:23 PM »

As it's been a couple of years since this was last updated, I will be going through and removing people who haven't visited the forum for a year or more. If you'd like to be added or removed, just drop me a pm please Smiley

However, if you've changed address since signing up, please could you let me know.
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