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Author Topic: AOTM October 2008 - Anouk  (Read 4944 times)
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« on: September 30, 2008, 02:33:54 PM »

Here we are and already heading into October ..... May I present our FH artist of the month for October.....

Anouk AKA: Troll Lover

Where did you first come across beadmaking?

I came across beadmaking for the first time in 2007. I was a fanatic Trollbeads lover (I actually owned 4 bracelets at a moment) and I started wondering how these wonderfull glass beads were made. When Trollbeads released a video on their website with the technique shown, I was hooked.

When and where did you make your first bead ?

Okay, ready for a big shock? It's about a year ago, I went to and had my first class there, around September 2007.

Have you taken any classes, and if so, with whom?

Yes! Several actually, my beginner and advanced workshop with Lianne Evers (again, and in between a big hole bead class at This year, I went to Carla Di Francesco and Pati Walton. In November 2008 I will be at a 2 day class with Sherry Bellamy.

Which bead makers do you most admire and why?

Oh my... A lot! My first love with a certain bead/technique was when I saw beads from Sherry Bellamy. I was so intruiged by her beads and really wanted to learn how she made those! Now, that technique is an important part of my Heart beads. I admire the floral beads that are made by Lisa Fletcher and Kim Angers (I own their beads as well ), and Kimberly Affleck's Seahorse beads are TDF. Furthermore, I would say Andrea Guarino, she makes incredible beads as well and don't forget Sarah Hornik. And last but not least Pati Walton, she is an amazing teacher and it's incredible how much she knows about lampworking! Honestly, this list could be soooo much longer, there are so many artists I admire...

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I don't really have a certain environment or theme that inspires me. I could be at my regular job, just working, and all of a sudden an idea pops up in my head! Or I'm at my torch, just busy and something just "happens". With my Crunchies, I first started to "copy" someone's bead and along the way, the Crunchie was created. And I went further from there with other beads... So I guess the work of other artists also inspires me a lot!

Have you got a signature bead, or bead style?

Gosh, I hope so? If I would have to choose, I would say my Heart beads and my Crunchies. Oh and maybe that I always use silverglass in my pieces? But maybe you should ask the lampwork community this question .

What skill or technique do you most want to learn?

Colors. Getting an eye for color. I personally make a lot of organic beads and use blue a lot, but I can really admire beads like Sarah's, which are so full of color and always look amazing. I would really want to make happy, shiny and bright beads as well without getting them overdone.

Can you show us the bead you are most proud of?

Isn't your last bead the one you're most proud of? Do I really have to choose one  ?

What part of your personality comes out in your beads?

My busy and a bit chaotic part I guess. My beads are sometimes "plain", but most of the time busy. And my very broad interest (is that correct English?). I like so many different things and I think my beads are also quite versatile (or, at least I think they are?).

What are you working on at the moment?

I just had a 2 day class with Pati Walton, where I learned to make her Garden Beads. I'm quite busy pulling all kind of canes at the moment, I think you will be seeing them a lot more in my work.

Where can we look to see more of your work? e.g. Bead Fairs,
galleries, Shops, website.

I only have an Etsy shop at the moment,, and I'm invited for a demo at the KreaDoe in Utrecht this year ( and my beads will be with me as well . Maybe I'll meet some fellow lampworkers there as well?


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