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Author Topic: AOTM December 2007 - the FHF mod team  (Read 4156 times)
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« on: November 30, 2007, 07:58:38 PM »

As it's the last AOTM of the year, some of the Mods have got together to show some beads and share a few details about themselves and their work.
Thanks for making this such a fabulous forum, and Happy Christmas everyone!

I became interested in lampwork through my passion for beadwork. It seemed like the natural progression to make my own beads! I have been lampworking for two years now, fitting it round my "job" of being full time Mum to three kids.
Mary Parker                                                                                                           'Mary'

I found lampworking when I was trying to find some unique focal centre pieces for the silver jewellery make.  I was thinking about fused pieces but most of the work I found was very similar and many of the lampwork beads looked very mass produced.  Needless to say I had found the Chinese and Indian imports.  What they did do was make me think, I could do better than that.
 What I love about glass is the depth and the way it moves when molten.  I tend to experiment with what I do, so I create sculptural pieces, paint onto the beads and incorporate uniquely shaped beads into metal work. For a period of time on first discovering glass my attention was primarily on the glass.  I find I am now returning to my roots of making  unique jewellery pieces.
Julie Merrett                                                                                                ' littlegiggles'

I have been lampworking for just over a year; I also play with fused glass and make jewellery. Its currently a hobby as I work full time but I do sell my work and have just set up my website. I love to see the movement of glass in beads and enjoy working with silver and copper.
Sarah Bedwell                                                                                                 ' Sarah'

I've been making beads for almost two years now, and in that time it has taken over my life, and my house. There are beads everywhere!
I like reactions and work a lot with silver and silvered glass.
Isabelle Anderson                                                                                      ' Isabelle'

I have a First class degree in
Graphic Design and it was during my degree I was
introduced to glass and metalwork as a module
and I fell in love with the "hands on" approach
I bought my starter kit from Martin, upgraded to a minor setup in March 2006.
I had a lesson with Sally Carver in December 2005 and i have not looked back.
If i had to describe my beads, they either have eyes or barnacles on them.
I love the work of Sharon Peters and found my lesson with Sarah Hornick in October 2007 to be priceless.
Anna Richards                                                                                       ' BeadsonToast'

I bought my Lampworking Kit in the USA, and was self-taught up until last year when I took a course with Kate Drew Wilkinson.
 I do not feel I have a recognisable style as I get bored with repetition, I try to go to my torch with no ideas or preconceptions - then I am not dissapointed when things do not work.  I just grab a rod of glass and begin to melt.
 I am hopefully taking some more lessons this year with the marvelous Diana East.
Sue Simmons                                                                                              ' Sooz'

I first came across lampwork when I stumbled upon Isabelle's website last year, and was instantly hooked, Izzy encouraged me to have a go, so I bought a starter kit 18 months ago, and haven't stopped since! I make mainly silver core beads at the moment, but next year am hoping to experiment with combining PMC and lampwork.
Jacqui Swain                                                                                           ' A string of beads'

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