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Author Topic: AOTM October 2007 - Mindy MacGregor  (Read 8972 times)
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« on: September 30, 2007, 05:02:31 PM »

The Artist of the Month for October is:

Interview with Mindy Macgregor for Frit Happens, October 2007

 When did you first become interested in beadmaking?

I had never ever heard of lampworking until I got a starter kit for Christmas 2 years ago.  My husband likes to find inventive presents and he had bought me tools the years previous for working with silver.  I could never find beads that matched the things I made so he was looking for a source of beads that year when he accidentally discovered lampworking when searching online.  I had no idea what it was all for when I opened it all up that morning but the glass rods were just incredible and I was really fascinated.   It took me a couple of days to pluck up the courage to even light the torch but once I had Iíve sort of been obsessed ever since.

 What was it about beadmaking that particularly fascinated you?

I paint and have always been obsessed with colour and pattern but beadmaking was such an immediate way of experimenting with colour schemes and designs it suited my restless mind.  That was what really captivated me about it.

Have you taken any classes, and if so, with whom?

I learned from books and by trawling online forums for tutorials and answers to problems I was having.  Luckily, everyone seems to go through almost the same process so with a little searching you can find answers to your problem.   Most things came down to practicing but as that was fun it wasnít hard to learn.

 Whose beads have you found to be particularly inspiring, and why?

At the moment I am madly in love with Dora Schubertís beads.  They just really appeal to me and I hadnít seen anything else like them before so that really attracted me to them.  There are so many beads I see every week on the show and tells etc that are really stunning.  You canít help wondering, how did they manage that then?  You always leave with your tail between your legs off to do more practicingÖ

Have you got a signature bead, or bead style?

I love retro patterns and colour schemes.    I have a lot of sketches focusing on the styles of different eraís that I refer to whenever Iím having one of those blank days that happen from time to time.  They help to get me going again and send me off down new paths all the time. Personally I am most attracted to square or rectangle beads but Iíve just bought some lentil presses to try and make me work outside my comfort zone.

Do you work with glass in any other way - fused glass or stained glass?

Iíve tried my hand at stained glass before but never really took to it and I have some stuff for fusing but have never had the time to try yet.  Whenever I have any spare time there is always a new bead I want to try to make so nothing else really gets a look in.

Do you make jewellery?

Iíve made jewellery for myself and for gifts but again, making the beads is the bit that I love the most and I think itís really hard to do both.  I like big bright bold jewellery and it is fantastic to finally be able to make the beads I have always wanted to wear.  Itís very handy being able to make gifts too, personally I really like homemade gifts and Iím hoping my friends and family feel the same way.

Where can we look to see more of your work?

Iíve been hoping to find other outlets for my beads besides my website and e bay but up till now I havenít had a chance to build up any stock as the site is going very well, for which I am very grateful.   This is what I do full time and Iím very very aware of how lucky I am to be doing something everyday that I love so much.  I am doing my first bead fair next February in Perth and Iím hoping to be listing more regularly on ebay too.

What are your plans for the future?

My immediate plans are just to keep going and developing my range of beads.  I am also hoping to be in a position to offer some courses for beginners and people who want to try out lampwork to see if itís for them.  I have a large empty hut that is earmarked for a second studioÖ........

Watch this space!
Thank you, Mindy.

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