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Author Topic: AOTM March 2011 - Amanda Muddimer  (Read 7382 times)
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« on: February 28, 2011, 06:23:32 PM »

Amanda Muddimer

Diana East is 100% to blame for one life changing weekend back in 2005. Having been to Di and seen her fantastic studio. It was 4 months later that I had eventually set up my own workshop in a newly constructed garden shed. I lit my torch for the first time on 9th April 2005. It was quite an experience setting up back then with little information available other than the beginnings of a forum hosted on EBay if i remember correctly, and good old Martin who back then didn’t even sell oxycons!

IMG_1426 by Mangobeads, on Flickr
Some of my best early Beads

I have been lucky enough to have attended quite a few lessons starting of course with Diana East in 2005 and 18 months later a crash encasing course with Sally Carver.
2005. Introductory Glass Bead Making Course (under Diana East).  GB.
2006 Glass Bead Making Course (under Sally Carver). UK
2007 Glass Bead Making Course (under Kate Drew Wilkinson). US
2008 Glass Bead Making Course (under Sarah Hornik). ISRAEL
2009 Glass Bead Making Course (under Dora Schubert). GERMANY
2010 Glass Bead Making Course (under Andrea Guarino). US
2011 coming up Kristina Logan at Creative Glass in March

To be honest although I spend a lot of time on the internet I am not good at researching and recording information and spend a lot of time flitting around like a headless chicken! But I do have artists whose work I greatly admire. Kristina Logan obviously as I will be spending some time with her later this month. I admire all those in 1001 Glass Beads! But I think my heart lies closer to home where there are many UK Lampworkers many of which started around the same time as myself who’s work I think is amazing :0)

IMG_7511 by Mangobeads, on Flickr

The colours that lie on the table contribute hugely to what gets made on any day! I am hopeless when it comes to the 'inspiration' side of things although I guess I do watch the natural colours around us all and gain inspiration from that.

I would say that I don't have a signature style.... I have a bright colourful side and a rich organic side - ‘style’ is something I would love to call my own but I don’t feel I am there yet!

IMG_7793 by Mangobeads, on Flickr
Mangolo Beads

I think my work is destined to become bigger! Especially with a Glass Blower as a partner Smiley I plan to incorporate much more silver work in my glass, making my work wearable with ease so I can concentrate on the beads and not the fiddly jewellery bits which I hate!

I’m not sure I have ‘a’ bead I am the most proud of but I think my ‘buddies’ that came to be in 2007 are the beads I am most proud of. They definitely contributed to the success of my lampworking career. Well over a thousand of the little darlings now spread all over the world. I feel especially proud of them as they were all lined by hand before the days of ‘the press’. It took me a week at a time to produce 6 or 7 beads suitable for selling I broke over half of what I made. But for 3 years I produced  that many beads every week for my web site.
I think i must have a very determined nature or i’m mad.

Deep Sea by Mangobeads, on Flickr
One of my first BHB before I had even heard of Troll Beads !
Soon to be followed by ‘The Indus Collection’ February 2007

babies4 by Mangobeads, on Flickr
And ‘Buddies’ in time for Mothers Day 2007

Annie by Mangobeads, on Flickr
And now .....

IMG_7709 by Mangobeads, on Flickr

The fact that I don’t stay in one place is one of my personality traits that comes through in my beads, I think! I get bored and go off on another idea or whim! Oh and I am very determined, did I mention that!

Currently, I'm working on Big Hole Beads!!! The development of our range of mandrels has really meant that I can start to take my silver coring to the next level.... there is lots of work in progress.

IMG_7854 by Mangobeads, on Flickr

You can see more of my work on my web site and at our lovely new studio which myself and my partner David Knight opened in September 2010. It is located in Barnstaple, North Devon and we have lots of lampworking courses on offer for this year 2011.

IMG_8409 by Mangobeads, on Flickr

IMG_8619 by Mangobeads, on Flickr
...and sometimes on EBay and Etsy

IMG_7861 by Mangobeads, on Flickr
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