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Author Topic: Supanovo Tutorial  (Read 9799 times)
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« on: August 06, 2010, 03:02:33 AM »

You will need:

1 Rod of Ekho
1 Rod of Transparent Cobalt Blue
1 Rod of Clear (I've used Effetre _ _ _ 006)

1. Make a small base bead from Trans. Cobalt.

2. Switch to a reduction flame with a yellow candle of around 2"

3. Whilst keeping the base bead warm at the back of the flame work the tip of the ekho rod at the tip of the yellow candle until you have molten a pea sized amount in the reduction flame. Ideally you want to have reduced the very tip of the ekho so much that you can see the surface splitting (black crackly lines, a bit like when you see intense black split in a super hot flame) . You may need to bring the rod in and out of the flame to prevent it drooping while you're doing this, rotate the rod to prevent this too.

4. Touch the very tip of the molten rod on to the very edge of one side of the base bead, swiftly pull the rod away and turn the base bead to wrap a molten stringer of the reduced ekho around the base bead from one end to the other and melt off.

5. Switch back to a neutral flame, melt the ekho all the way in and reform to a balanced bead.

6. Allow to cool, marvering helps to speed this up.

7. Very slightly increase your propane so you've a slight reduction flame and reintroduce the bead, flash in and out until you see the ekho reduce to a metallic finish.

8. Back to neutral flame, keep it warm at the side of the flame, and encase in clear just outside the flame to avoid loosing the reduction finish.

9. Finish encasing and shape, you're done, have fun. Kate xx  Smiley

Try over different bases and with different reduction glass for really cool effects.


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