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Author Topic: AOTM July 2010 - Glenn Godden  (Read 3010 times)
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I'm working on a dream...

« on: June 30, 2010, 06:23:38 AM »

Glenn Godden

All I wanted was 12 buttons! While looking for them I came across an advert for a Hot Head, and I decided it wouldnít cost much more to get a starter kit than to buy very expensive buttons - so Iíd make my own. It was really an excuse to buy it, Iíd always wanted to work with glass but the only other options Iíd seen before were fusing which didnít really excite me. I guess it all stems back from when I was a kid and the local ĎGlass Animal Man,í I just wondered Ďwhere do you get to learn how to do that?í I think that question sat in the back of my head waiting to be answered.

I think I first lit the hothead about May 2008, looking at all the old Mapp gas receipts! I set up a workmate with the hot head & home made holder in my front room. Took ages to get it working as I was so nervous I wasnít turning it up enough to catch light! I think I was already hooked on it before Iíd lit the torch, it was only a couple of months later I got an oxycon and minor.

FHF was great when I started as I worked though the tutorial section. When I started I decided I would try (just about) everything & every technique. Some Iím rubbish at, but some I found I really enjoyed like implosion techniques, which led quickly onto boro. I was very lucky when I started boro as I got into some chats with Emma (Garishglobes, our new boro mod!) who was and still is very generous with her knowledge.

  Pick any week's S&T and it will be stuffed full of people I admire! I started listing them all, but it became a long list and then I was worried Iíd miss someone! However the one person who sticks out from my early days is Claire Morris (Rowenberry) as it was seeing her stunning tree & landscape beads before I started while I was researching lampworking (and before I found the forum) that amazed me. Until that point I assumed a bead was on or two colours, it was then I realised how this small area could be a canvas for so much more in expert hands, and why lampworking really has so many possibilities to explore.

 Iím a believer in subconscious feeding me inspiration. Iíve returned to leaving a notebook by the bed, and itís always just as Iím dropping off I get the Ďwhat if I do that?í ideas. I also like trying new techniques even if I donít use the technique itself, it sometimes leads to new ideas.
 When I traced back where Iíd got the idea for the glass keys I realised it was partly a new technique for making loops on hearts, partly an autobiography of a severe manic depressive, and partly a bad horror film where people had key-shaped organs in their heads!

I think itís all about connections; the things that have caused the most major changes to my life have been the small things setting off odd chain reactions, and I think ideas are the same. I had the key idea knocking around for ages but couldnít think what to put as the Ďfingersí until that terrible horror film which made the connection; to unlock a heart, use a heart!

 If I had a signature style, I guess most people would say Ďmarbles!í  I do enjoy the blend of 3D, technical and freeform that they allow, and how they can be a micro-world in themselves. I realise beads are NOT my thing though, I have the patience to spend 1 1/2hours on a marble, but get bored of making more than three beads the same Ė and I really hate cleaning bead release so I do as much off-mandrel as I can!

Iíd like to learn how to handle boro tube properly. I have a play but I end up with so much twisted glass. I want to get more solid boro work behind me, and then I want to treat myself to a workshop on that. Then I can explore larger scale vessels, and wherever that will lead onto.

 The bits Iím most proud of now look quite shoddy, but they mark those Ďahhhhí points as Iíve progressed. One of these was first time Iíd tried to put a Gilson opal inside glass. I worked better than expected, and by accident four tiny bubbles got trapped exactly in orbit around the sphere like moons! Enthused I dived into making a second more elaborate one, and was mid way when the gas started running out. Everyone seemed to like this Ďfailureí more though, but all I could see where the dents and unwanted bubbles! After that I couldnít get them working well, it was only a couple of weeks ago I tried again, adding them to some new pendants and Iím now really pleased with how they work.

 I suppose my work shows Iíve got a split personality. I tend to either be over serious and intense, then swing the other way and just do plain daft stuff like the Triffids! I guess my work tends to follow a very sci-fi line, although I wouldnít call myself a sci-fi geek (I canít speak any Klingon, only have one Star-Trek DVD, and collect no comics!), but I originally trained in electronics so I naturally end up hanging out with them! My current glass obsession is the seedpod pendants where Iíve put the nebula marble idea into a more organic shape, I guess this reflects the real Ďmeí most as I went from studying electronics to working with plants for many years before returning to engineering.

In the past few months Iíve felt a change in the way I work and think about what I make, all for the better. I canít really put it into words, but the seedpods were part of this increased confidence and willingness to be bolder with shapes, and to take myself more seriously.
 Iíve also got a sculpture bubbling away, based around valves, but thatís still forming in my mind. Also I feel there is something missing from it, I donít know what, but I know itís something that will Ďarriveí sometime and make that connection.

Iíve got a shop on Etsy and a UK shop on Folksy plus my own site and if you havenít had enough waffle from me there is my blog at as well!

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