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Title: Taxco - can anyone advise?
Post by: Moira HFG on June 08, 2019, 12:45:34 PM
Somehow a bundle of TAG Taxco made it's way into my Flame Off purchases  ;).

I looked up all the references I could find online from sellers and users to see how to work it, and had a go. Sadly I have not produced anything like the beautiful oil-slick lustre or mirror finish I saw posted by more competent beadmakers on Lampwork Etc.  :(

The advice goes: after making your bead, let it cool to barely glowing then waft it briefly in a 'dragon's breath' (strong propane-only) flame. No-one mentions striking, but the range of colours I've seen - different greeny-blues - suggests it does.

So I've tried gentle heating; heating to sloppy and cooling on brass then repeating; gentle reduction, repeated reduction. Nada. It's a nice turquoise, but Effetre do one of those much cheaper.

Then tried it over various bases. Clear just makes it paler  ::)
Then (in order below): alone with dots of Aurae, over Sand with Aurae trails, over the dark mixed freebie from FO with Aurae dots, over Euros/pale blueish FO freebie, Reich Ocean, Dark Matter, Tongue pink, Vetro Pink Swirl, Striped Pink, Opal Yellow and Effetre black (tiny bead, release broke up).

I got a bit of lustre on the Tongue Pink, and it made the Euros go a nice mirror gold but stubbornly stayed unlustrous itself. The most promising was the Striped Pink - it looks very dark in the photo, but in bright light I can see mixed blues and definite iridescent lustre. I must try that combination over clear to lighten it up. Also a proper try over black.

If anyone has better suggestions on how to work this stuff, I'd be very happy to hear them....

( ( (

Title: Re: Taxco - can anyone advise?
Post by: Margram on September 24, 2019, 04:11:23 PM
Hi Moira. Did you eventually have any luck? I looked on Kathy’s thread from 2009 on Lampwork etc and she advised leaving the oxygen on but turning up the propane. Plus lots of other tips for dancing in and out of the flame! (Her username is Artwhim.)

Title: Re: Taxco - can anyone advise?
Post by: Moira HFG on September 25, 2019, 05:25:38 PM
Hi Marg,
Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, when I searched LE for tips and examples, I saw Artwhim's wonderful beads. Sadly though I tried to follow her methods, I have never been able to get anything like her results! Batch issue, or my incompetence? Who knows!

All I've done since is try stringer over other reactive glasses. That works fine, but only like Reich silver brown. Not really oil-slick.

My current fad is blowing beads. Maybe I'll try some in Taxco to see if when hot and thin it suddenly turns gorgeous :)