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Title: Freeze and fuse
Post by: smudges dad on September 27, 2016, 03:51:37 PM
I've started playing with freeze and fuse using silicone chocolate moulds to get shapes.  It seems to have been pretty successful so far but I there is a problem that more experienced fusers may be able to answer.

I use thin fire paper on the kiln which saves a lot of time, but as the frozen object thaws it gets a bit soggy, so when it gets fused some of the paper sticks to the base.  Should I be using kiln walk on a shelf instead of thin fire paper?

For reference, I use bullseye powders using about 7-8 teaspoons full clear to one of a coloured powder.    I then mix to a paste and put into the moulds, wait an hour or so for them to settle, then freeze for a couple of hours.  I use the pre-programmed fast tack on the firebox 8.