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Title: Joining Frit Happens - email addresses and membership approval
Post by: mizgeorge on May 07, 2014, 11:13:59 AM
FHF is an actively moderated forum, and all accounts have to be approved by a moderator. One of us is around most of the time, so there's unlikely to ever be much of a delay, but it does help a lot if it's easy for us to determine that you are a genuine member, rather than one of the huge number of spammers who attempt to join the site.

Using an easily identifiable email address when you join will help this process. Addresses from bulk providers (eg hotmail, gmail, yahoo, outlook etc), especially those that in no way relate to a chosen user name, are popular with spammers, and are more likely to be rejected. If you feel it's taken too long for an account to be activated, it's possible that this is what has happened. Please try again with an alternative address if possible.

You can change your preferred email address in your profile at any time after joining.

Thank you.