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Title: “Sublime” a new lampwork tutorial by Jacqueline Parkes
Post by: gemsinbloom on January 24, 2014, 08:41:10 AM

I have received many requests to write a tutorial for this style of bead. I began these about two years ago and had forgotten about the technique until lately. My understanding of glasswork has improved a lot in the past two years so the technique has evolved as well. I cannot take the pressure anymore (numerous emails and msgs requesting a tutorial ) haha I do appreciate the interest though. So  I am writing a new tutorial! Tutorials are stressful projects for me so I am going to give myself a bit of time to write it but as you know, I usually finish earlier than expected. This was a difficult style to apply a name to but a friend helped and they are now officially named "Sublime" I have not yet chosen the main bead for the tutorial but I will be providing extra recipes for alternate color variations as you find in most of my tutorials. This will be my 9th Ebook. Time flies when you are having fun.
Also, many of the Sublime beads are decorated with my Magic Mosaic Shards but you of course can decorate them in any way you choose. The sky is the limit. The shards will not be taught in this tutorial. I will teach my fast and furious way to create goldstone stringers and the decorative raked bubble dots. I will also explain how I apply shards to beads.
All glass is readily available. As are the tools , which are few.
Tutorial completion date : February 14th, Valentine’s present for yourself?
Presale price $20
Full price $25
Here is a link to the gallery on my www site if you would like to look over some of the beads: (
And a link to purchase the Pre sale: (
Thank you!
Jacqueline Parkes
Gems In Bloom

Title: Re: “Sublime” a new lampwork tutorial by Jacqueline Parkes
Post by: gemsinbloom on February 05, 2014, 09:58:31 AM
Great news! I finished the tutorial early and all copies have been emailed to those who ordered the Pre Sale. The tutorial is now ready for instant download in my Etsy shop. Thank you everyone and I hope you enjoy it.

If you did not receive your copy , please contact me :)