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Title: Gems In Bloom Luscious Leaves Tutorial
Post by: gemsinbloom on December 03, 2012, 10:17:48 AM
I stayed up all night to finish! It is available in my Etsy store and I will be staying close to home for the next few days so you can receive your tutorials quickly, thanks so much!

Here I present my tutorial for off mandrel leaves. The tutorial includes, text, pictures and videos. There are a total of four videos, three smaller clips for specific techniques and one larger video demonstrating the whole process which includes the final step of creating the loop. The tutorial is suitable for both beginners and more experience lampworkers. The leaves can be created with any COE. The glass recipes shared in the tutorial are both 104 and 90 COE. The tutorial is based on a design created with 104 COE glass.

It is specially priced as a thank you for all the support I have received from the lampwork community over the years. It is a perfect time to treat yourself or someone else with a lampwork tutorial as a gift for Christmas!

Regular price $25
Discounted price $22

With the purchase of my tutorial you will have full rights to create as many beads using my tutorial , either for sale or your own personal use.

The tutorial is 30 pages and will be emailed after receiving payment ,within 24 hours, usually immediately!

There are no refunds for Ebooks.