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Title: Silver Black v Gunmetal
Post by: Lush! on February 21, 2011, 04:10:39 AM
I did a quick comparison between Effetre Silver Black and CIM Gunmetal.

The Silver Black does fizz and boil when you're working it whereas the Gunmetal is much better behaved.

The Silver Black kind of strikes from shiny to satin and back to shiny as you heat and cool, the Gunmetal pretty much stays the same whilst working it.

Adjusting the flame chemistry doesn't make much difference to the Silver Black; bathing the Gunmetal in an oxygen-rich flame at the end brings out the silver sheen.

Really working and 'abusing' the Silver Black can produce fabulous peacock colours - I couldn't get the same effect from Gunmetal.

The two hearts on the left are Silver Black, the one on the right is Gunmetal - they all look very similar, I suppose the Gunmetal is shinier.  But there's a marked difference in the spacers (SB on left, GM on right)

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Metallic ( by LushLampwork (, on Flickr